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"ABOVE" - Character Rigging

I was part of the Rigging Team for BigRock’s short film “Above”; I worked on the body mechanics of the main character, part of the facial rig (mouth+cheeks), and created additional controls for the clothes. I also worked on the technical cleanup of some of the animated shots.
The whole project was completed by our masterclass in six weeks.

Mouth and Cheeks Rig

Facial Rig animation test

Rig turnaround

Body rig in motion (animated by BigRock's masterclass Animation team)

Stretchy legs with standard IK setup and double joint for the knee

Hand setup with knuckle joints & extra joints in the arm for better wrist twist

Torso and arms are all stretchable and with IK/FK switches. Crossed scapula joints for optimal deformation; neck twist joints.

Enjoy the full short film here!